Sunday, February 26, 2012

Death of a Celebrity

Why are people so affected by the loss of someone famous, someone they did not know personally? Well, loss is loss. The media and social media have brought these people into our lives in a more intimate way. Bonds are formed, even if they are virtual bonds. And any loss can trigger emotions. We don't need to judge it, but can try to understand it by open communication. There may be some aspect of how the celebrity was appreciated for their talents, their gifts, their lifestyle, their contributions or their entertainment value. There may be some connection to how the person died or the age of the person. There may be a raised consciousness of the reality of death, regardless of how much money, acclaim or accomplishment someone has achieved. External circumstances or things to which we become attached on our earthly journey cannot protect us from the reality of death and the pain of grief. Let us be mindful of the celebrities in our lives, not just those profiled in the media, but of the seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things, of the people we love, as well as those who love us.

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